I. Instructor Photos

Interpretation time: 9:00—17:00

Hotline for reservations, consultations, and feedbacks: 028-87077705

Price reporting hotline: 12358


II. Interpretation rates

1. Interpretation for individual visitors


Interpretation type


Participant limit

Interpretation time




RMB 120/ interpretation

1-3 persons/ interpretation

 About 1 hr

RMB 40 /person-time

4-20 persons/ interpretation

Sub-senior expert


RMB 800/ interpretation

≤20 persons/ interpretation

Senior expert


RMB 1,000/ interpretation

Foreign languages



RMB 180/interpretation

1-3 persons/interpretation

RMB 60 / person-time



Note: Expert interpretation should be reserved 1 week in advance.


II. Regular interpretation


Standard fee


Participant limit

Interpretation time


RMB 20 / person-time

See the bulletin at site


 About 1 hr

Note: A deposit of RMB 100.00 will be charged for each individual booking an interpretation session. The deposit receipt is used to return the deposit and should not be discarded. When the interpretation is over, you can receive your deposit from the instructor with your receipt and receiver returned. If the receiver is lost or damaged, compensation shall be made based on the cost. (Compensation: RMB 200.00/interpretation receiver)

III. Smart Guidance

1. Official WeChat Account (free of charge):

• Chinese, English

• Notice for use: Follow the Official WeChat Account “dfctbwg”, click “Tour Guide” at the left bottom - “Audio Guide” and reply with the serial number for the attractions to get a complementary interpretation session.


2. Mobile phone Guide

• Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic

• Normal version, Student version, Academic version

• Rates: Chinese version RMB 12.00/time; Student version RMB 12.00/time

Academic version RMB 16.00/time; Foreign Languages RMB 18.00/time

• Notice for use: Open WeChat to scan the QR Code inside the museum, choose an interpretation service, pay the fee and then enjoy! Consultation number: 17743236632


3. Smart Phone Visual Guide

• Chinese

 Rate: RMB 20.00/time

 Notice for use: Scan the code with your phone to enter the mini program or search for “Interpretation” in the official WeChat account. The program is based on Bluetooth micro-positioning. When you are around the attraction, the Bluetooth will connect and the interpretation will begin automatically. Therefore, please turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and authorize it before the interpretation. Consultation number: 13219099922

4. Self-service Audio Guide

 Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic

 Normal version, Student version, Academic version

 Rate: RMB 25.00/device/time. Deposit: RMB 200.00/device

 Notice for use: Scan the QR Code on the screen of the audio guide rental machine and pay a deposit to receive your device. The device can be returned at all machines in the museum after use. Consultation number: 4000901168

Location: No. 37, Qinghua Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu City [Online Map]

Tel::028-68921800(Ticket Consultation)

Tel:028-87327392(Emergency Rescue)